7 Top Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading

Reading ability is one of the most important educational concerns of parents today, and it should be. Literacy effects all area of academic achievement. As a teacher, I saw how it can also impact the local community. See my post on reducing violence through literacy.

If you want to do more to improve a child’s reading ability, here are seven top methods that can help.


  1. Establish a Family Reading Time. Read to and/or with your children every day. You can also try reading session where you all read your individual materials in the same location.
  2. Lead by example. Show your children that you enjoy reading and they may be encouraged to follow. Be sure to show enthusiasm for their reading as well.
  3. For preschoolers, run your fingers over the line of text to encourage word and sentence structure recognition.
  4. Keep reading materials everywhere. Have multiple locations of books and other material available, like bathrooms, kitchen, family rooms, and bedrooms. Be sure that they are age appropriate. The children will be encourage to pick up the materials.
  5. Do other activities that involve reading. For example, you can  bake (reading a recipe) or build (following directions),
  6. Have a no TV, but Read night once a week.  Perhaps a child can ready a story out loud to the rest of the family.
  7. Seek help if you see problems arise where the child has an unusual amount of trouble in reading. Do not wait until it worsens.


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One comment on “7 Top Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading
  1. Bechaida B. Pagolon says:

    Very helpful tips, wish to hear more. Thanks!

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