9 Easy Ways To Make Kids Safer

9 Easy Ways To Make Kids Safer

I was out at an expo recently. It was a large convention center filled with families, exhibits, and entertainment. Our group was 10 people. I thought about some of the plans we had in place in case anyone was accidentally separated from the group. We all had a blast, but I saw a couple of lost children and thought that it was nice that our group was prepared. So here are some simple tips that you can use today to make the children in your life a little safer at home, at school, or in a large public setting.



  1. Make sure children know their full names, address, and telephone numbers
  2. Teach children how (and when) to 911
  3. Walk your neighborhood with your children, letting them know what are safe places to go if they are scared or have an emergency
  4. Practice some “what-if” situations such as “If you got lost, what would you do?”
  5. Have a meet up spot pre-assigned should someone get lost during an outing
  6. Make sure children no how to find help when they are out such as officers or workers with name tags.
  7. Teach children that they should always let someone know where they are or want to go.
  8. Remind children that it is OK to say no to something or someone that make them uncomfortable or scared
  9. Have a buddy system if with a large group. Children can help look out for each other.


Kristl and I hope these tips will help you and your family in the future





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