April Is National Poetry Month

Hi everyone,

In honor of National Poetry month, Kristl and the Popp-Kinn family present this little poem all about their favorite subject:Snowflakes!

Hope everyone likes this rhyme. Please feel free to comment, tell us what you think and share with others.

A Zillion Million thanks!



A Zillion Million Snowflakes

By Nann Leeds


‘Twas a zillion million snowflakes,

Falling from the sky,

And ‘tis ten million zillion more,

As all the clouds go by.


Snowflakes on the rooftops,

Snowflakes on the trees,

Snowflakes on the window pane,

And in the chilly breeze.


Snowflakes fall upon my head,

Fall on my shoulders, too,

And when I open wide my mouth,

They know just what to do.


A zillion million snowflakes,

Dance in a crystal glow,

Swaying in the snowstorms,

As winter strong winds blow.


Little pretty snowflakes,

Better float away home.

Spring’s almost here.

Winter’s almost gone.


A zillion million snowflakes,

Now you can disappear,

Say “Good-Bye,” till next time.

And I’ll wait for you down here.


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